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  • 24/7 private group chat support
  • Endless support form Coach Hayley & The Miss Fit Team

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Meet your virtual fitness bestie, Hayley

I am a fitness trainer and womens wellness specialist. I have taught thousands of women in my fitness classes I coached when owning a Womens Only Fitness Studio in my hometown for 6 years. I have been personal training clients for over 8 years and during that time I have refined my fitness strategy to provide the best results for toning & sculpting the body, but more importantly, to do so while having fun! I know that if you enjoy your workouts you are much more likely to stick with them, and the BODYBYMISSFIT program is all about building healthy habits in the kitchen & having a workout program that you can do anytime, anywhere.

The time you spend in my virtual classes isn’t just great for your body, it’s also going to help you feel happier, more optimistic and give you more energy. My favorite thing about what I do is seeing how people transform both mentally and physically when they incorporate exercise into their lifestyle. I focus on creating a program which will never grow boring, so that it is easy for you to make my workouts part of your daily routine. No cookie cutter workout programs. That’s why I write a whole new workout every single class – I want to offer you a program that you can stick with for life.

Look at Some of our Client Results!

How has Miss Fit impacted your life?
Miss Fit is an amazing supportive community of women who are focused on positive goal oriented results.
What is your favorite part about Miss Fit?
My favorite thing about Miss Fit is that we are a family. As soon as you walk in your are greeted and welcomed. From day one you are embraced and encouraged by everyone.
Have you seen results besides physical? 
Yes, I have increased stamina. I’m much stronger and more confident.
What makes Miss Fit stand out from other training platforms? 
Miss Fit is different because of the individualized support they is offered. You never feel like a number and someone is always there to help and encourage.
What’s the most helpful thing we provide with our services? 
Accountability, solutions, and support.

At the start of my weight loss and meal prep journey I faced the dreaded number 267lbs. Yes, 267lbs as a 5′ 2” female in my young adult life… Why did I let myself get to this point? Was it because I was lazy or maybe it was my genetics? No, it was because I was uneducated and as a child was never taught the importance of health. It was eating McDonald’s, processed junk and never stepping foot in the gym. I can’t remember the exact moment the feeling of wanting to be thin happened, but it was all I could think about for quite some time. I dreamed it, I cried for it and I slowly started to beg for it so one day I remember just DOING IT. There was no magic cure. I started by reading articles and watching weight loss shows, which lead to taking classes about nutrition, then it took me down the path of working out. Before I knew it I was down 110lbs over the course of my 13 year journey. I began wanting to inspire others, but most of all I wanted to start helping others. In 2017 I achieved this by creating my Meal Prep company; Mrs. Prepped Meals. I began helping so many others lose weight and created a convivence for people they didn’t know they needed. For the past four years I did this journey on my own until I discovered Miss Fit. Miss Fit opened my eyes to an entire different fitness world I never knew I needed because lets face it.. weight loss journeys are no walk in the park! Even though I’ve been doing this for several years I can’t tell you how many days I find myself down some days or wanting to give up. Miss Fit has changed my life by giving me a safe environment with women who support me every step of the way, hold me accountable and love on me when I don’t love myself. I won’t ever have to do this journey alone ever again and I am so beyond grateful to have found this gym to continue living a healthy life where I can not only better myself, but help other women’s as well!