Miss Fit Belly Bestie


Does your tummy bloat, get uncomfortable, or feel crappy after you eat your favorite cheat meal? Or does even your favorite “healthy meal” make your belly just feel ICKY-SICKY-BLOATED? Girlllllll, we know you aren’t alone. Even the healthiest women experience bloating & digestion issues DAILY.

So what we’ve done is created a probiotic for women that helps with all the annoying tummy issues, but it’s also way more than that…

*Made with 8 strains of good bacteria, our unique probiotic supports three key areas: reproductive health organs, the gut, and the immune system.
*Digestive enzymes found in our product help break down fats, proteins, and carbs so you can fill your best after meals.
*Experience immediate bloating relief with our study-proven blend designed to ease discomfort and promote healthy digestion.
*Improve mood, increase libido & decrease stress/anxiety due to microbial nourishment.
*Eliminate excess water weight that can cause bloating
*Promotes a healthy skin complexion & replenishes skin cells

We even added in 3 BELLY BLASTING ingredients that have been proven to help with bloating:


Inulin- eases constipation, absorbs magnesium & calcium, and lowers blood sugar levels
Tumeric- improves heart health, one of the most effective natural anti-inflammatory & antioxidant components, and eases joint pain.
Ginger Extract- serves as an anti-bacterial and balances out the digestive tract

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